Dear guests,

So that you can fully enjoy your stay in the La Vita Lotus - Lounge, we kindly ask you to consider the following information.

1. Punctuality
It is best to always be there a few minutes before your appointment.

2. Cancellations
*See cancellation conditions

3. Health
If you have a cold or an infection (e.g. fever) you should avoid massages.
The massage would be an additional burden on the already weakened body

4. Rest
Allow yourself enough rest before the massage.
We recommend at least 30 minutes.

5. Wishes
It is absolutely legitimate and desired that you express your wishes for the massage.
Should certain body parts such as neck, head or feet be taken into account?
Is there a special oil you prefer?
You are welcome to express all of this, because after all we want to offer you the best possible relaxation.

6. Therapist request
We have Male and Female Spa Therapists on our team.
Please let us know of any preferences at the time of booking and let us know if you would like a specific spa therapist.
Please note that we try to accommodate your wishes as far as possible.
For organizational reasons, however, we cannot promise any specific spa therapists.
Thank you for your understanding.

7. Please sober
Avoid a sumptuous meal before the massage.
This could be very uncomfortable, especially when lying on your stomach.

8. Clothed or not?
Jewellery, watches and glasses are a nuisance during the treatment, so it is better to take them off.
Light clothing such as a bikini or swimming trunks and a bathrobe is an advantage.
*The intimate area is always covered during the massage. Only the areas of the body that are currently being treated are revealed. Your privacy is always protected during the massage.*

9. Cellphone
The massage offers you a break from everyday life. In order to really be able to switch off and relax, the cell phone should be on silent.

10. Drinking a lot
It is advisable to drink plenty of fluids before and after the treatment. This stimulates the metabolism, dissolves waste products in the body and gets the circulation going.