couples massages
Anti-Stress couples massage
*Incl. face and head ; Aromatic oil of your choice. The detonation of all body muscles allows oxygen transport to the muscle cells. This leads to an improved metabolism, cell renewal and a powerful feeling that accompanies you throughout the day
50 Min
€ 144,00
Back aroma oil - couple massage
Die bei der Aromaöl Massage verwendeten ätherischen Öle werden tief in die Haut einmassiert und stimulieren so das Nerven-, Blut- und Lyphsystem. Je nach Art der verwendeten Öle und Aromen wird die Haut dabei gepflegt, entspannt, belebt, erfrischt und beruhigt.
25 Min
€ 74,00
Back and leg back - couple massage
The focus of this massage is on relaxing the back/legs/calf muscles. Tensions are released and blockages in the spine can also be released.
25 Min
€ 68,00
Classic full body massage for couples
This massage activates and relaxes the entire body musculature. This leads to the stimulation of the metabolism and the lymph flow.
50 Min
€ 134,00
Bamboo couple massage
The bamboo massage is a holistic massage treatment using bamboo sticks of different lengths and thicknesses. Through the various massage techniques such as rolling, kneading, levering and tapping, deep-seated tension can be relieved in a beneficial way. This results in a positive effect on the muscles, fascia, trigger points and reflex zones. This massage gives you a wonderful feeling of lightness and frees you from everyday stress. 50 minutes application time including rest time
50 Min
€ 156,00
45 Min
€ 122,00
25 Min
€ 78,00